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Welcome to www.marcinonabike.com!!!
4100km cycled from Berlin to Morocco

Latest News...

1. A NEW VIDEO!!! Both myself and a few fellow Dachau Guides just returned from a trip to the Auschwitz Memorial Site. We took a private tour at both Auschwitz I & Birkenau. The video above (made by me!) explains the reasons we decided to visit Auschwitz, but most importantly what we learned from the trip...

2. Running our new company InMunich Tours is taking up a lot of my time, so this website has taken a back seat for a while... that is changing very soon!

3. The GALLERY section has been completely redesigned in the last few days and is now running live! the old gallery was Flash based, and due to both the latest Apple and Android phones and tablets no longer supporting flash I had to redesign the whole gallery... A lot of work!!!

During the winter of 2010/2011 I cycled alone 4100km from Berlin to Tangiers! I started in Berlin, but travelled through the north of Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and finally finished in Morocco! During the adventure I made extensive research and took a large number of photos at the places I visitied.

The map on the right shows route the route I took. All of this was cycled, except for a train ride from Orleans to Montpellier in France, due to sub-zero temperatures and 30cm of snow!

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