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Why?! Is a big word...

Up until the summer of 2006 I worked in many different aspects of the Music Industry. As a full-time Teacher, Professional Musician, Producer and Composer I had the chance to work with many wonderful people, travel far and wide, and record many albums. I honestly thought that was it for me - my whole life would be working exclusively in Music. After spending 2 years based in Italy performing all over Europe with a group of musician, I decided a big change would have to happen, and I moved in 2008 to Munich in Germany.

My first trip to Dachau changed enormously my view of what I wanted to do with my life. For the last 6 years working at the site as a full time guide I have had the unique experience of being able to share with thousands of visitors every year from all over the world, one of the darkest parts of recent human history. My fascination has always been with how incredibly relevant this history is to the world around us...

Whether or not i could ever have the possibilty or even potential to change the world is irrelevent. Lets all be honest, human kind is way to stubborn and hell bent on self destruction to change its wicked ways. If it was truly capable of change then genocide would have stopped after Armenia (over 1 million dead); or at least the 17 million killed by Hitler; or after Stalin managed to kill around 23 million of his own people; or Chairman Mao (50-75 million); or at least after cambodia (1.7 million), Rwanda (800,000), Phillipines (at least 1 million civilians killed by US forces between 1899-1902), Bangladesh (1-3 million killed by the Pakistani army), Algeria (over 1 million), the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, East Timor, Bosnia and so on... As the British, American, Iraqi and Afghan governments have had to learn the hard way - or rather the families of the many civilians and military personal killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years have had to learn - violence doesnt solve a thing.

To quote the honorable beat poet Michael Franti - "You can bomb the world into pieces, but you cant bomb it into peace" (written after 9/11).

I could never change the world. Not even Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, John Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr and Mr Obama with his Nobel prize could change the world.

Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and Mao changed the world. Rothschild, J.P Morgan and Rockerfeller changed the world. Tony Blair and George Bush Jr. changed the world.

I'm not trying to change the world, but as an elequent friend once told me (via Robert Kennedy) "Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation."

I'm not trying to change a world that cant be changed, i'm just trying to do my little bit.

This trip was my attempt to re-evaluate my own views and perspectives of the world around me by taking a good long and hard look at the past, but attempting to draw parallels with the present; to try and make sense of how human kind is evolving.

It is also my attempt to do something so ridiculous it begs insanity! To cycle alone thousands of kilometres over at least 3 months, 6 countries, 2 continents (just!), quite a few beers, some musicial adventures, meeting some old friends, making some new ones, losing half my body weight in pain and perspiration, and become the emmaculate specimen of the man i have always wanted to be ;-)

But more importantly than anything else, this is a journey of discovery for me.
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